Delicious ambiguity 

Ambiguity. Ambigious. Ambiguisness.

It’s all around us, it’s ubiquitous, there is no way to escape this web of multiple interpretations we are all residing in, when we are prey to the predater which is confusion.

When you say one thing and they understand another, when you walk on one path but are dragged to another, you scream and you shout and repeat it all together but alas he who has his mind shut chooses to listen to no other.

How do you escape this reality where the disease is travelling by the air? Should you clench your teeth and hum a lullaby or use them as swords and cut through this delicious delicacy? Does it really taste that good, dead or better when it’s veins are alive? How would you know if you never steal the light off of it’s eyes.

it is dressed in different outfits everytime it ramps into my life. Having cocktails made of false words and arch of a brow, or the laugh which does not reach the eye. The one who is drinking is making me a drunk of curiosity. O’lord, articulacy is now, such a luxury.